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 Tomiko Dixon
Willie Dixon’s legacy continues through his granddaughter Ms Tomiko Dixon (Songwriter), “The queen of song/Song machine” known as “The Granddaughter of the Blues” GrandBlues Music Chicago Illinois…
Growing up on the south side of Chicago (I’m what they call a black diamond in the rough…), for all those who want to get to know me just step into my world and listen.
My music is life, my inheritence. I simply write about all the things I’ve learned, observed and experienced in my life.
​Being “The granddaughter of the Blues”, people often tell me that I’m touched by my grandfather. They say I have a natural ear for music and I always reply by saying “You're right… It’s definately in the blood you see, My grandfather never died, he lives on through me!”
This website contains just a sample of some of my talents and abilities. I’m on a mission to write and work with record labels, film works, television and other artists in the business. I’m a creator of the arts, music, reality television shows, film, inventions and fashion.
They say my Sound, Style & Writing Skills are So Unique… I guess it runs in the family! With the abilities to write in all known genres of music. My music is “Fresh and hot of the press”, so with that being said, as in the great words of my grandfather “I’m ready for you, I hope you’re ready for me?”. 
All of the songs featured on this website and on my channels are written, performed ,arranged & produced by Tomiko Dixon or Willie Dixon | GrandBlues Music -Hoochie Coochie Music Bug BMG